Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes!?!?

I was searching the blog world yesterday and stumbled upon an amazing blog with a fantastic idea! I found this blogger from TasteSpotting’s website (which is also amazing and I will get to that later). This blog titled Iowa Girl Eats has some pretty good ideas and her idea for a Pineapple Upside Down Pancake got me very excited and my mouth started salivating!!! Here are both of her pictures of this amazing looking pancake!

Her Pancakes look amazing and she didn’t even use Kodiak Cakes!!!!

You can bet that I will be making these pancakes either tomorrow or the next day, but I will use Kodiak Cakes! As I stare at these pictures my stomach starts to growl and I start getting very hungry! Thanks Iowagirleats for the great tip on how to be creative with pancakes!

I would recommend that you go to iowagirleats and look at her recipe and make these ASAP!!!

My fellow Coconut-Lovers, Welcome to Bear Country Cookies!

We have a new flavor here at Bear Country Cookies, and it puts me in the mood for all things summer. I’d like to proudly introduce our new cookie: Coconut with Almonds and Dark Chocolate Chunks.


I know my fellow coconut-lovers will swoon for this cookie; it’s a joy. An absolute joy. …A coconut-y, chocolate-y, almond-y joy (I’m winking furiously and repeatedly as I write this).


Oh! And one more thing: I can’t forget to tell you coconut-lovers about one more cookie you will very much like. It’s called the Two-Timer, and it’s called that for a good reason: It’s half of one of our popular flavors, and half of another–baked into one cookie!

(It’s a silly cookie, but we love it!)

Right now the Two-Timer is half Double Chocolate Chunk & half Coconut with Almonds and Dark Chocolate Chunk. It’s a tasty treat for those who can’t settle on just one cookie.

Stop by Bear Country Cookies @ The Gateway Mall soon for a summertime treat, won’t you?