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Kodiak Cakes is a small, fast-growing natural foods company located in the scenic Rocky Mountains of Park City, Utah.  We’re expanding rapidly as the fastest-growing pancake brand in America and need to build our team with more people that share our passion for the outdoors, bring industry experience, thrive in an entrepreneurial culture, and want to make an impact on the front lines of the food revolution. Our roles feature highly competitive salary, generous benefits, a fun an open culture, all-you-can-eat flapjacks, and a unique set of perks tailored to those who love the outdoors and live the Kodiak Code. We believe that eating real food closer to nature, getting active outdoors, and preserving our local territory will bring back that old, balanced partnership with the wild that our forebears forged out on the frontier. If you are interested in learning more please refer to our team page or our  LinkedIn site

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