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Target Launch

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The big day is almost here! Yes, starting TOMORROW, June 3, you will be able to find Kodiak Cakes Flapjack and Waffle mixes in Target stores nationwide. We’re so excited about this launch that we’re offering you a coupon. It’s good for $1 off a box of Flapjack and Waffle mix, and is valid through the end of June. Feel free to share the Flapjack love with anyone you know! Target Locations near you.

13 thoughts on “Target Launch

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  3. I will definitely be picking these up, but I was wondering if there was amy chance of finding the other products there also?

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  5. Congratulations! This is great! Our Genaurdi’s stopped carrying them a few years ago, so I’ve been ordering online. Now we don’t have to spend $$$ on shipping!

  6. I truly LOVE KODIAK cakes pancake and waffle mix. I am in to eating natural foods as much as possible and when I saw your pancake mix at PATHMARK, I really was satisfied to find your product. When I tasted it for the first time, It was love at first bite. I also noticed after awhile while reading the label that the ingredients are 100% wholegrain. This even impressed me even more because I was looking for something just like that. Can I suggest that you label the words “100% WHOLE GRAINS” a little larger and bolder on your box so it can be seen quicker? It might increase sales! Also, I can only find your pancake mix at one PATHMARK in brooklyn. Are there any other grocery stores where I can find them in Brooklyn? I see that they are available at TARGET, but I would like to be able to purchase the pancake mix while shopping for my regular groceries. Keep me informed and keep up the good work. My home address is: 376 Bainbridge St., Brooklyn N.Y. 11233. Thanks.

  7. We absolutely love these flapjacks mixes!!! I buy two boxes of each kind every month. I generally make everything homemade, but my homemade flapjacks don’t compare to these! The greatest thing for me is I can have 3 flapjacks w/ real maple syrup and it doesn’t raise my blood sugar very much! Yay for me!!!! Can’t wait to try the brownies! Thanks for all you do….

  8. Is there any store in the Harrisburg, PA area that sells Kodiak chocolate chip cookie mix? I got them once at Big Lots, and they are the best cookies I have ever eaten.

  9. I am in love w Kodiak Cakes -wholewheat, honey. & oat! Just mix w water . I eat w FAGU 0% Fat Greek Yogurt and Archer Farms 100% Maple Syrup. But my Target in suburb of Austin Tx has run out. I sure hope more are coming…

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